Welcome to STEMchats.

A completely student-run nonprofit organization on a mission to shatter barriers in the STEM fields for underrepresented students through immersive opportunities.

Find out about our opportunities and ways to help our team.

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🚀 Our Mission

Mission statement: Empowering and preparing underrepresented students to amplify their voices in STEM by maximizing their resource pool.

🔍 Our Differences

  1. We are led by students from a variety of backgrounds.
    We understand what it’s like to be students in today’s world, because we are students in today’s world! With a mix of perspectives from students all over, we’re able to create programs that are truly effective.

  2. We take on projects that we are passionate about.
    Our team thrives by listening to everyone’s ideas, whether they’re from the CEO or an intern. Anyone at any level of our team can bring up an idea and bring it to life through STEMchats, leading to amazing passion projects and initiatives.

  3. We work to improve STEM education for today and tomorrow.
    Moving our world toward STEM education equity takes a lot of work in both the short and long term. Through our efforts, we’re improving STEM education for today’s students and working toward a future where tomorrow’s students don’t face the same struggles.

🔬 Inside STEMchats

Behind the scenes, STEMchats is made up of 10+ student-run teams across our Programming and Business-Development departments. These teams brainstorm, develop, and execute projects that ultimately impact students in and out of STEMchats - whether it’s through our publications, social media, curriculum, events, or other initiatives.

Team members also have access to personal/professional development opportunities, events to strengthen our team culture, and a community of like-minded students with passions for STEM equity.

As STEMchats grows, we will also implement a unique funneling model: students directly impacted by any of our programs will gain access to resources and training that allow them to become effective leaders on the STEMchats team. This creates a cycle of positive impact in the STEM education space and solidifies our peer-to-peer mission.