Internship Program

We at STEMchats are elated to be onboarding new team members to join us in advancing our mission of shattering barriers in the STEM fields for underrepresented students! For the first time, we will be expanding our team through our STEMchats Internship program. To access the application, you must have a Google Account (Gmail & G-Drive) since our application is on Google Form. The application for our Internship Program will close on June 26, 2020 at 11:59 PM PST. As our Internship program is uniquely designed, please make sure to read the following information thoroughly.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Before you apply, please learn more about the responsibilities of each team in STEMchats here. Additionally, you can also learn more our workplace culture & benefits here as well as the list of the application questions that will be asked here so you can prepare your responses.


As a STEMchats Intern, you will be onboarded onto one team (either Programming or Business-Development) that you applied to be a part of, contributing 5-10 hours of work per week. Your role will consist of attending meeting calls, being assigned tasks to advance team goals, receiving mentorship from Program Leads, working alongside Program Coordinators, and receiving training from the Leadership Team. If selected as a STEMchats Intern, we expect you to be dedicated and committed to your role, showcasing your work ethic and advancing our team culture.

It is critical for you to understand that our Internship program is designed to efficiently and comfortably integrate you into our team; the end goal is for you to become a permanent team member! Our Intern program is not meant to just be a summer commitment, it is instead a stepping stone to becoming a permanent team member. The 2020 STEMchats Internship is set to begin July 20th and end August 31st. If extended an invitation to become a permanent team member, and you are able to keep up your commitment, we expect you to accept.

Eligibility & Logistics

As STEMchats is an entirely student-run STEM equity nonprofit, only students who will still be in high school or college during the 2020-2021 academic school year are eligible to apply. Furthermore, as our team is also made up mostly of underrepresented students in STEM, we are primarily looking for students from first-generation, low-income backgrounds and/or minorities including women, people of color (POC), LGBTQ+, students with disabilities, and students attending rural and/or underfunded high schools; however, we welcome different perspectives and all students regardless of background are encouraged to apply! International students (those residing outside of the United States) should apply, being aware that all STEMchats team meeting times are scheduled to accommodate US time zones. Ultimately, we hope to evaluate applications in which passion and values aligning with our mission shine through.

On the application, you have the choice of ranking up to three teams you would like to be a part of at STEMchats; feel free to rank all Programming or Business-Development teams, or both! We recommend you rank three teams, but keep in mind that you must answer all of the additional team specific questions; not answering all respective questions will negatively affect your application. Please also keep in mind that our application is a Google Form and a Gmail account is necessary to view it as well as upload any relevant or required additional materials. A Gmail account will be required upon joining our team!


For the United Engineers program, we are currently ONLY accepting applications from high school and college students living (or can quickly commute to) New York, NY / Philadelphia, PA / Boston, MA. As United Engineers is a workshop program, planning is done remotely but it is implemented largely in-person, requiring team members to reside in the aforementioned locations.

For the STEMchats Institute program, we are currently ONLY accepting applications from high school and college students living (or can quickly commute to) Chicago, IL / Bay Area, CA (San Francisco or Palo Alto) / Claremont, CA. As STEMchats Institute is also a workshop program, planning is done remotely but it is implemented largely in-person, requiring team members to reside in the aforementioned locations.

Application Timeline

→ Application will open from May 22nd, 2020 to June 26th, 2020, at 11:59 PM PST.

→ First Round application decisions will be released July 3rd, 2020.

→ Mandatory interviews for selected finalists will take place from July 5th to July 11th, 2020.

→ Final decisions for STEMchats Interns will be released on July 13th, 2020.

→ Selected interns need to respond with a final decision by July 15th, 2020 at 11:59 PM PST.

Some FAQs

Though we target FGLI and underrepresented students in STEM according to our mission, everyone is encouraged to apply! We believe that all backgrounds and perspectives would be valuable additions to the STEMchats team.

STEMchats thrive on its team members’ individuality, but there are characteristics shared by everyone, including a passion for our mission, willingness to learn and take initiative, being a good team player, and having good communication skills. It is equally as important for all of our interns to have these characteristics. Additionally, we consider each applicant’s overall “fit” for each team; you can check out an overview of our team culture here.

Though time commitment may vary slightly depending on the team, interns are expected to spend around 5-10 hours per week on STEMchats (including meetings). Full-time team members commit anywhere from 5 to 30 hours per week, depending on the position.

Due to the breadth of questions for every team you rank, applicants can only rank up to 3 programs and must answer every question (3 additional questions per program/team). Not answering specific questions will negative impact your application.

The application will be open from May 20th to June 26th (closes at 11:59 PM PST). We will release first-round decisions by July 3rd, interviews will be held from July 5th to July 11th, and final decisions will be released by July 15th, 2020.

Interview details will be provided in the invitations, but interviews will be behavioral and are a casual conversation with two STEMchats Leadership Team members about each applicant’s application responses, their background and experiences, and interest in STEMchats.

As STEMchats is a registered nonprofit and team members contribute on a volunteer-basis, we will unfortunately be unable to pay interns. We aim to be as transparent as possible around this issue because as majority first-generation and low-income students, we understand that dedicating time to an organization without monetary compensation is a privilege. We hope the internship’s structure can provide a unique learning experience for each intern and the Leadership Team will provide official verification of hours worked for any team member who requests logged volunteer hours. Additionally, please check out the benefits of working at STEMchats for further information on the potential value of joining us this summer!

Yes! The internship program’s purpose is to help evaluate and transition successful interns into full-time Coordinators for STEMchats. Though the internship is not binding for either party, the expectation is that successful interns will accept a permanent position within the organization upon the completion of their internship.

Due to applicant volume and our recruitment timeline, we will not be accepting any late applications. For this reason, if you believe you will be unable to submit your application over Google Forms for technical reasons, please contact us at least 10 hours before the 11:59 PM PST deadline on June 26th.

We encourage anyone with an interest in STEM or business-related fields (i.e grant-writing, marketing, outreach etc.) to apply! Certain programs, like United Engineers and STEMchats Institute, are an exception because interns will be expected to assist with development of STEM-related curriculum (and eventually hands-on workshop instruction), so they are expected to have some background and demonstrated interest in relevant STEM fields. But since we target first-generation/low-income students who might not have had extensive opportunities to pursue STEM, we are in no way expecting a deep STEM background and have structured the internship as an immersive educational experience. We hope the application allows each applicant to express how their experience and perspective can be of value for STEMchats; we do not have a perfect applicant in mind and many of our current team members did not have a comprehensive STEM background when applying.

Due to the situation surrounding COVID-19, we will accept applications from anyone who is taking a break from being a student. In fact, we encourage those who will have more free time to apply because it reflects initiative in growing personally and professionally.