The Blueprint program works to uplift high school researchers and their stories. Blueprint is developing and composed of two main parts: a professional youth scientific journal as well as a blog that explores independent researchers and their motivations behind their projects.


The journal aims to represent the quality scientific work of high schoolers, regardless of access to high-quality labs or other resources. Blueprint’s developing blog will further spotlight the lives of selected high school students and other student researchers at various stages in their careers.

Despite the increasing number of students pursuing their own scientific research, reputable research journals are often considered “off-limits” to high schoolers. We aim to create a formal youth scientific journal dedicated exclusively to publishing the work led by these students. Moreover, a double-blind review process will ensure that all segments of submissions are equally represented, to help accommodate for the fact that some students may not have access to high-quality labs or other resources to leverage. In the process we hope to empower the next generation of scientific researchers to explore opportunities in STEM industries through the opportunities that we provide!

To date, Blueprint has worked closely with Dr. Amanda Stockton and the i-STEM Scholars team to produce a publication that showcases the learnings of the first i-STEM Scholar cohort.

How You Can Help

We are currently pursuing early-stage partnerships with professors, labs, and institutions offering us advisory in coming months about how best to ensure integrity in our publication process. If you are interested in assisting or sponsoring us, please contact us at