STEMlights is a weekly newsletter that aims to introduce students to relevant STEM news! STEMlights ensures the bridge between reality and STEM, to promote an appealing learning environment. Our newsletter highlights different STEM opportunities and news, while shining light on intersections where STEM can be applied, developed, and learned.

Our newsletter provides a knowledgeable-youth perspective on important STEM issues that need to be discussed. As a professional, no-filter newsletter, our team aspires to create an environment for students, by students that encourage individuals to occupy the STEM fields. STEMlights offers insight into unbiased STEM news and national opportunities, specifically to help spread the word to underrepresented students of educational possibilities.

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As a newsletter by teens for teens, our goal is to express STEM sentiments in a creative manner. All members within STEMlights ensure to provide unbiased, clear-cut news that aims to encourage and implement equitable educational opportunities. Our newsletter covers ranging topics including STEM Conspiracies & Breakthroughs, Student Opportunities, Youth Leaders, Politics, and Coronavirus Awareness. With our wide coverage of STEM topics, our team promotes growth and excellence through education.

As of September 2020, our newsletter serves nearly 600 subscribers with coordination from each team member. Recently redesigned, STEMlights furnishes the growth of knowledge from student-to-student. Our team has worked hard to release over 18 newsletters that are opened amongst numerous high school and college students across the U.S.

Being a part of the STEMlights team should make every coordinator feel that they are guiding another student’s path into the STEM-field, and a youth-led society. With a healthy workplace culture and great attitudes all across the board, STEMlights also pursues personal knowledge and growth through constant teamwork and development of communication and research skills.

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