i-STEM Scholars

i-STEM Scholars is a program that consists of low-income, first generation, LGBTQ+, and students of color to conduct scholarly research. As a part of the Innovate branch, i-STEM Scholars provides quality research opportunities to low-income high school students with college professors, gain experience through working in online and in-person labs, and receive mentorship from both college professors and the i-STEM Scholars team.

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It is our goal to diversify the STEM field and ensure that first-generation, low-income (FGLI) students and students from underrepresented backgrounds feel inspired to pursue higher-level academic research, especially in the STEM fields. This program targets these communities and exposes students from underrepresented backgrounds to what the STEM field offers. The program hopes to directly impact students by not only offering lab positions but also the ability for them to prepare for college and beyond by having mentors to offer advice that will prepare them for higher education as well as their careers.

Our team consists of students from different colleges including Harriet Wilkes Honors College, Centre College, Emory University, and California Institute of Technology. With the hard work of each member of our team, we have created our first ever cohort and placed different students from around the country to work on a research project that focuses on the chemical analyses of meteorites alongside researchers at various institutions.

The Difference

Our program not only offers professors to engage with different perspectives but aims to impact students and their future educational opportunities. Students are able to interact in the STEM world on a deeper and more hand-on level, connect with top researchers in the nation and other organizations, and receive personalized mentorship from our team about the STEM world, college prep and life, and guidance throughout the research process.

Our program tackles issues like underrepresentation of low-income, first-generation, and minority professionals in STEM fields by directly targeting schools and communities. Our curriculum specifically focuses on breaking down different information that is not available and/or focused on in under-funded schools. Helping students go through different research experiences that may not be accessible to them through their regular communities enables them to connect to not only higher-level research, but also gives them access to information and research that is often inaccessible. i-STEM Scholars receive training and work with our team to get guidance, information, and support throughout this program.

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Partner with Us

Our applications for our Summer 2020 Cohort have been closed and decisions have been released! You can subscribe to STEMlights and follow us on our Instagram page for our next application dates! This upcoming cohorts program starts on their research program June 1st . To participate in future cohorts, students who are interested in applying are highly suggested to be FGLI and/or from an underrepresented background, be high-school students, and have access to Wi-Fi and an internet-connecting device (laptops and computers are preferable).

You can also contact the i-STEM Scholars team by emailing us at istemscholars.stemchats@gmail.com. We are looking to recruit more professors to reach out so if you are a professor/professional or researcher in a STEM field that is interested in supporting our students and joining our team, please reach out!