i-STEM Scholars

i-STEM Scholars aims to serve high school students from first-generation, low-income (FGLI), and underrepresented minority (URM) backgrounds by providing opportunities and education in STEM research. Our goal is to improve the accessibility of STEM research, and ensure that FLGI and URM students feel empowered to learn more about and pursue these research fields.

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We strive to accomplish our mission through a 3-pronged approach:

1. The annual i-STEM Scholars Summer Research Program, which connects high school students with university labs to contribute to a research project. Students are also provided with academic and professional development resources, as well as personalized mentorship. Our Summer Research Program is application-based.

2. Our i-STEM Scholars STEM Research Toolbox, which educates students about the basic knowledge and skills in STEM research through a variety of resources (such as online courses, workshops, and other interactive materials). STEM Research Toolbox materials are publicly available and accessible to anyone with an internet connection.

  • If you’re interested in learning about the basics of research, our educational resources will be launched on our own i-STEM Scholars website and social media pages in Fall 2020! Follow us @stemchats on social media to get updates about this!

3. Upcoming social media campaigns, which aim to inspire FLGI/URM students by highlighting researchers from similar backgrounds & giving students the opportunity to interact with those in STEM research.

  • Follow us @stemchats on social media to get updates about when our social media pages launch!

The Difference

Through our 3-pronged approach, our program aims to guide students through the process of learning about research, college, and career paths in STEM; our goals include:

  • creating a network of research mentors and other professionals that our FGLI, URM students can use as a resource to learn about different STEM fields and careers
  • directly targeting schools and communities, which we strive to do so by focusing on direct connections with professors/researchers and their respective universities

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Summer Research Program - 2020 Cohort

For our first-ever Summer Research Program cohort in 2020, the i-STEM Scholars team partnered with the Stockton Lab at the Georgia Institute of Technology. The i-STEM Scholars SRP hosted 10 students, who each conducted research, participated in academic and professional development, and received personal mentorship.

Student breakdown:

  • 135 applicants, 10 student accepted
  • Student demographics
    • 100% First Generation Students
    • 100% No Prior Research Experience
    • 100% Underrepresented Minorities in STEM
    • 67% Low-Income Students
    • 78% Women
    • 33% LGBTQ+
    • From Georgia, Nevada, California, Texas, and New Jersey
  • Student testimonials
    • Maya: "Question: What did you learn in the i-STEM Scholars Program? Answer: That I belong in STEM!"
    • Nellie: "Outside of research, another skill I learned is effective communication with my peers and adults, and public speaking. Thanks to my mentors, I started to build my confidence, which is something I believe when it comes to communication and public speaking." and "There was a great balance between learning new things and having fun, and I really enjoyed the friendly atmosphere of our calls."

Research breakdown:

  • Stockton Lab at the Georgia Institute of Technology (Dept. of Chemistry)
    • Research mentors
      • PI: Dr. Amanda Stockton
      • Graduate student: Dedra Eichstedt
    • Research topic
      • Chemical analyses of meteorites for potential signs of life

How to Get Involved

  • HS Students: Learn about research!
    • Apply to be an i-STEM Scholar for Summer 2021 (application will open Spring 2021)
    • Learn about the fundamentals of STEM research through courses, workshops, and other educational resources on our website & social media
  • College Students: Learn about research or feature your own research
    • Learn about the fundamentals of STEM research through courses, workshops, and other educational resources on our website & social media
    • Showcase your own research through our social media campaigns
  • Graduate/PhD Students, Professors, other research professionals: Get involved in STEM outreach and support FGLI/URM students
    • Partner with us to host a high school student for our Summer 2021 Research Program Cohort
    • Showcase your own research through our social media campaigns
    • Host workshops or talks with students from FGLI/URM backgrounds

Please email us at istemscholars.stemchats@gmail.com to get in touch with our i-STEM Scholars team!