Our Programs

Since March 2020, due to COVID-19, our programs have pivoted to virtual programming, including our in-person workshops. Keep reading for overviews of our five programs, which are created by-students for-students. Click on the program’s name to learn more.



A weekly email-based newsletter that highlights upcoming opportunities (i.e. summer programs, research internships, STEM scholarships etc), scientific breakthroughs, and updates about STEMchats’ programs. A few things each edition of the newsletter can include is a "STEM Spotlight" of a teenager making big moves in the STEM field, “Future 5” STEM innovations, summaries of STEM breakthroughs, and a discussion of the intersection of “Politics X STEM.” Ultimately, the goal of STEMlights is to provide teens with important STEM information in a creative and interesting way! Visit the STEMlights website to learn more.


A program that works to highlight both the work of student researchers as well as their personal stories. The developing Blueprint youth scientific journal will showcase pre-collegiate research performed by high school students, ranging from independent studies to assisting researchers in laboratories and everything in between. The journal aims to represent high school students' quality scientific work, regardless of access to high-quality labs or other resources. Blueprint’s developing blog will further spotlight the lives of selected high school students and other student researchers at various stages in their careers.

STEMchats Institute

A STEM-focused workshop series designed to impact students from disadvantaged and minority backgrounds. Our non-cumulative six-week program provides intro-level science curriculums and STEM-related career workshops at public middle schools, although they will not be implemented in the foreseeable future. The team is currently developing a digital/physical STEM workbook targeted at middle school students to supplement classroom learning.

United Engineers

A workshop program that works to immerse middle school students into the world of engineering. The team is currently working on chartering college chapters at universities to help implement in-person workshop goals, although they will not be implemented in the foreseeable future. In June 2020, the team developed and held their first weekend-long, virtual Impact Ideathon.

This is what our program would look like in-person: a cumulative two-part, ten-week workshop program that conducts design thinking and engineering workshops at public middle schools in Philadelphia, PA and New York City, NY. In Part A, students learn about the fundamental steps in the engineering process. In Part B, students are split up into teams and form engineering projects that address the 17 Sustainable Development Goals from the United Nations. Workshops are taught using a peer-to-peer technique at underserved schools in order to demonstrate the positive and transformative applications of STEM through hands-on activities, engaged discussion, and real-time feedback.

i-STEM Scholars

A program that supports providing opportunities and education in STEM research for FGLI/URM students through three different tracks. Our Summer Research Program connects FGLI/URM highschool students with research opportunities, as well as academic/professional development, and mentorship. Our Research Toolbox educates students about the basics of STEM research through publicly-accessible resources online including workshops and courses. Our i-STEM Campaigns inspire FGLI/URM students by highlighting researchers from similar backgrounds & giving students the opportunity to interact with those in STEM research.