The Breakdown

Our programs are divided into the categories of Celebrate, Stimulate, and Innovate. STEMchats programs are uniquely designed to impact all students, especially those from disadvantaged and minority backgrounds, by providing a transformative peer-to-peer STEM education.



Celebrate programs are designed to inspire students by highlighting the impactful things that students with strong STEM backgrounds are capable of through written journals and newsletters, bridging the divide between science and rest of society.



Stimulate programs teach students about fascinating scientific concepts through hands-on workshops, taught with the peer-to-peer technique, at underserved schools that demonstrate the positive and transformative real-life applications of STEM.

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Innovate programs connect students’ natural curiosity to opportunities that help them apply it through producing their own original work, such as the opportunity to conduct lab-based research projects and to write engaging articles about topics in science.

Our Programs

Read below to find out more about our programs for the 2019-2020 school year, which are created by-students for-students.


A bi-weekly email-based newsletter that highlights upcoming opportunities (i.e. summer programs, research internships, STEM scholarships etc), scientific breakthroughs, and updates about STEMchats’ programs. A few things that will be in each edition of the newsletter include a "STEM Spotlight" of a teenager making big moves in the STEM field, “Future 5” STEM innovations, at least 3 summaries of STEM breakthroughs, and a discussion of the intersection of “Politics X STEM.” Ultimately, the goal of STEMlights is to provide teens with important STEM information in a creative and interesting way. STEMlights has received funding from Griptape. Read the latest edition of STEMlights here.


A premier scientific journal that showcases the highest levels of pre-collegiate research from high school students around the globe. A double-blind review process ensures that all segments of submissions are equally represented , to help accommodate for the fact that some students may not have access to high-quality labs or other resources to leverage. The journal will be working to create key partnerships with professors and undergraduate journals around the country. Finalists selected for publication to the journal are invited to get involved with research opportunities at undergraduate institutions.

STEMchats Institute

A non-cumulative six-week program that conducts intro-level science curriculums and STEM-related career workshops at public middle schools in Chicago, IL, and San Francisco, CA with other volunteer STEMchats members at these sites. The theme for the workshop series this year is titled “Building Blocks” and aims to cultivate curiosity in the STEM fields. Workshops are taught using a peer-to-peer technique at underserved schools in order to demonstrate the positive and transformative applications of STEM through hands-on activities, engaged discussion, and real time feedback. STEMchats Institute is partnered with KIPP Valiant Prep and has received funding from Roots & Shoots and Griptape for its workshops.

United Engineers

A cumulative two-part, ten-week workshop program that conducts design thinking and engineering workshops at public middle schools in Philadelphia, PA and New York City, NY. In Part A, students learn about the fundamental steps in the engineering process. In Part B, students are split up into teams and form engineering projects that address the 17 Sustainable Development Goals from the United Nations. Workshops are taught using a peer-to-peer technique at underserved schools in order to demonstrate the positive and transformative applications of STEM through hands-on activities, engaged discussion, and real time feedback. United Engineers is partnered with Manhattan Youth and has received funding from Roots & Shoots, Griptape, and Karma for Cara for its workshops.

i-STEM Scholars

A research program that connects underprivileged high school students with professors to perform high-quality, pre-collegiate research. Selected students will be provided with additional mentorship through STEMchats. This program will target these communities and expose students from underrepresented backgrounds to what the STEM field offers. The program hopes to directly impact students by not only offering lab positions but also the ability for them to prepare for college and beyond by having mentors to offer advice that will prepare them for higher education as well as their careers.

i-STEM Scholars is partnered and being mentored by Dr. Amanda Stockton, Ph.D. at the Georgia Institute of Technology, providing the opportunity for 10 selected students to participate as volunteer interns in a remote database research project focusing on the chemical analyses of meteorites alongside researchers at Georgia Tech, Kennesaw State, and the University of Central Florida. We’re encouraging all United States students who will still be in high school in 2020–2021 to apply, but preference will be given to students belonging to underserved/underrepresented groups, which is detailed on our application due on May 5th, 2020 at 11:59 PM PST. Apply today by clicking here.