STEMchats Institute

STEMchats Institute is a STEM-focused workshop series designed to impact all students, especially those from disadvantaged and minority backgrounds. Our non-cumulative six-week program provides intro-level science curriculum and STEM-related career workshops at public middle schools in Chicago, IL, Claremont, CA, and the Bay Area (San Francisco & Palo Alto), with help from other student & community volunteers at these sites.

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As high school and college students ourselves — where many of us are also a part of the low-income, first generation community — we understand how schools often lack the resources to properly prepare their students for future careers. As a result, the STEMchats Institute program was created to make STEM education and knowledge on its career possibilities accessible.

As STEMchats Institute continues to expand across the nation, we will be operational in as many as three US metropolitan areas by this fall. During our workshop programs, we encourage students to tackle a new STEM concept every week, ranging from physics to psychology, and to ultimately apply their passion and skills beyond the classroom.

The Difference

Our mission is to stimulate the desire for more comprehensive STEM education among the middle schoolers throughout underfunded districts within the US. As a program run for students, by students, STEMchat’s Institute will be an annual, high-impact initiative that hopes to shatter barriers in the STEM fields through a transformative STEM education.

Our six week long workshop centered around a theme of “Building Blocks” aims to create collaborative workshops that expose young students to a variety of STEM fields. Workshops are taught using a peer-to-peer technique at underserved schools in order to demonstrate the positive and transformative applications of STEM through hands-on activities, engaged discussion, and real time feedback.

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Work with Us

We’re here to empower young people and meet a community need. With STEMchats Institute, you’ll be joining a team of students from across the country who are passionate about STEM education and willing to step outside their comfort zones. Our focus on peer-to-peer workshops encourages both our team and the students we hope to impact to gain a deeper understanding of the world through a STEM perspective.

Joining our team will provide you with the opportunity to improve your skills in teaching and science communication—especially when making complex topics engaging and accessible to younger audiences—and have a positive impact on minority youth.

If you are interested in bringing STEMchats Institute to your school, please do not hesitate to reach out to our team at We are a rapidly growing student-run organization that hopes to meet the great demand for desired STEM literacy amongst all young people, and we would be thrilled to hear from you.