STEMchats Institute

STEMchats Institute is a STEM-focused workshop series designed to impact all students, especially those from disadvantaged and minority backgrounds. Our non-cumulative six-week program provides intro-level science curriculum and STEM-related career workshops at public middle schools though the team is currently developing a digital/physical STEM workbook targeted at middle school students to supplement classroom learning.

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Our mission is to stimulate the desire for more comprehensive STEM education among the middle schoolers throughout underfunded districts within the US. As a program run for students, by students, STEMchat’s Institute will be an annual, high-impact initiative that hopes to shatter barriers in the STEM fields through a transformative STEM education.

Amidst the COVID-19 Global Pandemic, we are taking a strong stance in assisting middle schools nationwide with the transition to online instruction. To facilitate our goal of stimulating joy around STEM in all middle schoolers, we’re tirelessly working on the first edition of an official STEMchats Institute digital/physical STEM workbook targeted at Middle School Students who are unable to get a hands-on connection with the science curriculums they are used to. Through partnerships with an increasingly larger network of national middle schools, we are prepared to revolutionize online education through working directly with on-the-ground [in-the-Zoom] educators. Look out for more information on our upcoming project developments through our media channels.

If as a middle school administrator or educator you find yourself interested in this initiative, please do not hesitate to reach out to our team at

Our concerted focus will remain to uplift students in underfunded and under resourced schools around this country. The current educational climate drastically affects students of color and those within lower income communities so our focus, as a team of some minority FGLI (first-generation, low-income) students, will be to speak to and uplift the students we often see ourselves in. Focusing on a future video series on specific scientific topics along with homework help to make sure students feel empowered and supported in their education so they have the extra energy to ask those groundbreaking questions that may launch the next technological, ecological, or sociological STEM innovation. Alongside it all, we seek to highlight minority and women STEM revolutionaries to help students identify themselves with the often underrated and leaders that they are closely following the footsteps of.